Teacher to Supervisor :

          In OpenSchool we rarely use the word  ” Teacher ”  but we use the word Supervisor to describe those who help us in our learning but also especially in our low moments in life . Supervisors in our school are all worried about our students’ well-being, the relationships between the supervisor and students are more like being with another family member, this makes students to be more confident with them and also to be more open in order to make him feel like it was his home.

          Even though some students are not always open to the supervisors or don’t come in contact with them, they are always happy to talk to you at any time, they are prepared to teach you, to give you experience, to share their stories with you but most importantly they are always there for you. This is how our Supervisors are able to have a close relationship with their students similar to being with a family. There is a Supervisor that works in both schools which is ” Newton” he mostly works there but he sometimes helps in OpenSchool and this some of his opinions on the Open School supervisors. They called him ¨Pi Its¨ He is the head of creative drama in Newton, which is a subject that is about acting and requires the student to learn more about himself and have new learning experience. In this interview we will ask his opinion about Supervisors in Open School.

          OpenSchool has the same track as Pi Its is working which is the creative drama subject, this leads him to have a connection with OpenSchool, when he sees the supervisors and students in OpenSchool he was very impressed on how close their relationship was, it didn’t seem like a classic relationship between teachers and students, but more of a family relationship, thanks to these type of relationships, this helps the students to tell any issues with the supervisors and most of these issues are solved in a short period of time. He wishes that every school should have these similar types of relationships in every school in order to make the student perform at his best when learning. When he has to help a student he will also try to be as open minded as possible to the student in order to understand them , he will check with his students and always try to create a good learning environment just like in Open School.This is a message after the interview from Pi Its.

” Doesn’ matter if the problem is small or big, we always learn from that problem and the people who helped us to overcome it “

Written by N’Neo Tawan Kaenphakdee, Year 13 Creative Track, OpenSchool

Photo Credit by N’Lin Salin Hanpanich, Year 13 Creative Track, OpenSchool